Instructions (1 to 5): In each of the following questions given below there are two blanks, each blank indicates that something has been not there. Choose the correct words for each blank which best fits to the sense of the sentence as a whole.

1. There has been a divergence____________ the bank’s disclosed nonperforming assets (NPAs) for fiscal year 2015-16 and the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) assessment, ____________ to under- provisioning.

(A) Over, optimum

(B) During, unremarkable

(C) Among, unrivaled

(D) Between, leading

(E) Of, incomparable

2.As a _____________ regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has taken strong corrective steps and what we have are well-regulated,completely dematerialized and smooth functioning capital markets, which_____________ confidence.

(A) Fanatical, dissuade

(B) Passive, impel

(C) Proactive, inspire

(D) Vigorous, instigate

(E) Effective, enervate

3.As any business strategy professor will tell you, when customers ___________ the products to be similar, price (in this case discounts) ___________ the key differentiator.

(A) Descry, sets

(B) Acknowledge, receives

(C) Appreciate gives

(D) Perceive, becomes

(E) Understand, remains

4. The official said daily price change will ____________ the big leaps in rates that need to be effected at the end of the fortnight, making the consumer more ___________ to market dynamics.

(A) Remove, aligned

(B) Blemish, supportive

(C) Transfer, coarse

(D) Fasten, organized

(E) Withdraw, askew

5.The apex court has created room for a national debate on personal law cutting across religions focusing on the _____________ gender bias they propagate, sending a clear message for politicians to rise above their _____________ positions.

(A) Expected, objective

(B) Fortuitous, adherent

(C) Certain, neutral

(D) Necessary, adversary

(E) Inevitable, partisan


Instructions (6-10): In the Questions given below, there are two statements; each statement consists of a blank. You have to choose the option which delivers the correct word that fits in the blanks in both the statements suitably making them meaningful and grammatically correct.


It is an/a __________ venture to serve one’s country in the armed forces.

His literary and scientific reputation speedily brought him_________recognition.

(A) Honourable (B) Persistence

(C) Boring (D) Jocular

(E) None of these


A _________ of his stature should not shy away from social criticism.

He is one of the greatest ________ India

has ever produced.

(A) Vacuum (B) Novelist

(C) Processing (D) Keys

(E) None of these


The first time someone __________ candy for me was when I was six years old.

I _________ a new mobile phone.

(A) Bring (B) Forth

(C) Suffer (D) Bought

(E) None of these


I.I do not come from a _________ family.

We are greatly __________ that we have the Union minister among us today.

(A) Generic (B) Books

(C) Possibility (D) Privileged

(E) None of these


I __________my seer into an eternity called oblivion.

The men ran in but the leopard__________ them into the house.

(A) Followed (B) Pretension

(C) Magnanimous (D) Sought

(E) None of these


sbi clerk

1. Answer: (D) Between, leading
2. Answer: (C) Proactive, inspire
3. Answer: (D) Perceive, becomes
4. Answer: (A) Remove, aligned
5. Answer: (E) Inevitable, partisan

6. Answer: (A) Honourable
Honourable- Bringing or deserving honour
Persistence- the continued or prolonged
existence of something
Jocular- humorous or playful
7. Answer: (B) Novelist
Vacuum- a space entirely devoid of matter
Novelist- writer of novels
8. Answer: (D) Bought
9. Answer: (D) Privileged
Privileged – having special rights,
advantages, or immunities.
10. Answers: (A) Followed
Pretension- a claim or assertion of a claim
to something
Magnanimous- generous or forgiving,
especially towards a rival or less powerful