Instructions (1 to 5): Read the below data carefully and answer the given question.

SUNIL, Borat, Chirag, Deepak, Isha, Farukh, Gold and Hirat are sitting round a circular table facing  to the centre. Each one of them has a different profession i.e. Compounder, engineer, Builder, teacher, clerk, shop – keeper, businessman and banker.

SUNIL sit third to the  right of a teacher. Deepak sit second to the left of a Golddy.  Golddy is not an immediate neighbors of a teacher. Only one individual sits in  between Borat who is a  shopkeeper and teacher.

The one who is an Builder sit third to the right of the shopkeeper. Hirat sit in between Builder and engineer. Isha is not the immediate neighbor of Hirat. Engineer sit third to the right of a clerk. Only one person sit between businessman and Farukh. Isha is neither the businessman nor the Compounder.

1. Which of the following is true with respect to the given seating arrangement?ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) Isha is a  Builder

(B) Isha is an immediate neighbor of the engineer

(C) The clerk is an immediate neighbor of the banker

(D) The Shopkeeper sits second to the right of the teacher

(E) The teacher sits between Hirat and the engineer

2. What is the profession of Hirat?ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) businesman (B) Banker

(C) Builder (D) Teacher

(E) Shopkeeper

3. What is the location of Compounder with respect to the person with profession banker?ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) 2nd to the right

(B) Third to the left

(C) Second to the left

(D) Fourth to the left

(E) Immediate to  left

4. Who sits exactly between the Builder and the businessman?ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) Banker and shopkeeper

(B) Charlie and Hirat

(C) Clerk

(D) Compounder

(E) Charlie and teacher

5. Who amongst the following is a clerk?ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) Farukh (B) Deepak

(C) Isha (D) Charlie

(E) Gold

Instructions (6 to 8): In the questions below given four statements followed by 4 conclusions number as I, II, III and IV. You have to pick the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with common known truths.

Read the conclusions and then choose which of the given conclusions cogently follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known truths.


6.Statements:ibps clerk mains reasoning

All boots are shoes

No box is a shoe

Some boxes are chairs

No chair is a shoe


Some boots are chairs

No boot is a box

III. Some boxes are boots

All shoes are boots

(A) None follows

(B) Only I follows

(C) Only II follows

(D) Both I and II follow

(E) Both I and III follow


7.Statements:ibps clerk mains reasoning

No shirt is an orange

All tools are shirts

Some oranges are blue


All shirts are blue

All oranges are tools

III. At least some blue are tools

It is possible that some tools can be blue

(A) None follows

(B) Only I follows

(C) Both I and II follow

(D) Only III follows

(E) Only IV follows


8.Statements:ibps clerk mains reasoning

All boxes are tools

No desks are tools

Some desks are clothes


No boxes are desks.

Some boxes are desks.

III. Some clothes are not boxes.

Some clothes are boxes.

(A) No follow

(B) I  and either III or IV followed

(C) Either III or IV followed

(D) Only I and III followed

(E) Only II followed


sbi po english

1(C)subject verb agreement




5(E)subject verb agreement