Directions-In the questions given below, read each sentence to find out whether there is an error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer if there is no error the answer is (d). (Ignore errors of Punctuation, if any.) SBI PO ERROR DETECTION NOUN


Q1 (a) As he was found remorseful of / (b) retaining explosive the court penalized him to / (c)five year rigorous imprisonment./(d)No error

Q2 (a) The beautiful / (b) surrounding of the residence / (c) enchanted me. /(d) No error.

Q3 (a) Paris is quite clean now/ (b) and you can’t find litter /(c) in the roads./(d) No error

Q4 (a) As one of the leader board institutes/ (b) in America it has the highest number of students/ (c)placed in International Banks./ (d)No error

Q5 (a) As no Janitor was available, /(b) I carried / (c) all my luggages myself. /(d) No error.

Q6. (a) I went to the shrine/ (b) with my parents, aunts / (c) and cousin brothers./ (d) No error

Q7. (a) My brother/ (b) has read / (c) pages after pages of the Mahabharat./ (d) No error

Q8. (a) He/ (b) takes pain / (c) over his effort./ (d) No error SBI PO ERROR DETECTION NOUN

Q9. (a) The Manager put forward/ (b) a number of criterions / (c) for the post./ (d) No error

Q10 (a) We are going to launch / (b) this three- crores project / (c)/ within the next few months. / (d)No error.

Q11 (a) The sceneries along the East Coast / (b) is really beautiful and many tourists/ (c)visit the eastern coast of China every year/ (d)No error

Q12. (a) I like/ (b) the poetries / (c) of Byron and Shelley./ (d) No error

Q13. (a) The table’s legs/ (b) have been / (c) elaborately carved. / (d) No error

Q14. (a) The sceneries/ (b) of Kashmir / (c) is very charming./ (d) No error

Q15. (a)The young men from Japan /(b)found the assent of the mountain/ (c) hard going./(d)No error.

Q16 (a) A moment delay / (b) would have proved costly / (c) in the situation. /(d) No error

Q17 (a) There are only a few vendor /(b)who have the potential to complete/(c) such a huge

project within such a short time at such a short notice/.(d) No error SBI PO ERROR DETECTION NOUN

Q18. (a) Alms/ (b) are given / (c) to the poors./ (d) No error SBI PO ERROR DETECTION NOUN

Q19. (a) Lasers are/ (b) indispensable tools / (c) for the delicate eyes surgery./ (d) No error

Q20. (a)The long-distance train /(b) which met with an accident /(c) was carrying some army personal. / (d) No error.

sbi po english

1 (b) Replace explosive by explosives. SBI PO ERROR DETECTION NOUN

Explosive is an adjective – an explosive condition. But explosive is a noun.

2 (b) Replace surrounding by surroundings. The area around a place is known as the surroundings.

3 (b)Replace litter by litters. Litter is a verb which means to throw things around. And litters is a

noun which refers to things that are thrown around.

4 (a) Replace leader by leading. SBI PO ERROR DETECTION NOUN

5 (c) Replace luggages by luggage. There is no plural for luggage.

(c) Do not use sister or brother with a cousin.

(c) Replace pages after pages by page after page.

(b) Replace takes pain by takes pains. (pain is physical pain and pains means to make a good effort)

(b) a number of criterions. Criterions is singular and criteria which are plural will be used with a number of.

10 (b) this three-crores project Replace three crores by three crores. SBI PO ERRO R DETECTION NOUN

11 (a)The sceneries along the East Coast Replace sceneries by the scenery as there is no plural for scenery.

(b) the poetries Replace poetries by poetry there is no word as poetries.

(a) The table’s legs/ (b) have been / (c) elaborately carved. / (d) No error

The table is nonliving so apostrophe cant is used. Replace table’s leg by legs of the table. SBI PO ERROR DETECTION NOUN

(a) The sceneries Replace sceneries by the scenery as there is no plural for scenery.

(b) found the assent of the mountain Replace assent by accent. Assent means approval. Ascent means to climb up a mountain or hill.

16 (a) A moment delay Replace a moment delay by a moment’s delay. SBI PO ERROR DETECTION NOUN

17 (a) There are only a few vendors

Replace a few vendors by a few vendors. SBI PO ERROR DETECTION NOUN

(c) to the poor Replace the poors by the poor.

(c) for the delicate eyes, surgery Replace eyes surgery by eye surgery. When a body part is used as an adjective do not use it in the plural form.

(c) was carrying some army personnel.