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Instructions (1-5): There are two dissimilar sentences with a blank space in each question. Select the word from the given choices which fits into both the blanks suitably without altering their meanings. SBI PO ENGLISH

Q1. (1) The only trouble in this ______________ is to safe debtors that will not die.

(2) He was in a state of rare tranquility, a __________ to the jollity that was his by nature.

(a) Accretion

(b) Upsurge

(c) expansion

(d) accessory

(e) None of the above

Q2. (1) He delivered what was in reality an _________________ declaration, which President Lincoln was compelled to modify.

(2) Abrasion augmented between the races at the North after ___________________.

(a) abolition

(b) autarch

(c) exemption

(d) immune

(e) emancipation

Q3. (1) It was dreaded that there could be a __________________ disturbing of established administrations and a new party-political order could come into being, oriented away from the traditional leadership of the region.

(2) On the other hand, __________________ migration was not adequate to remove the evil.

(a) comprehensively

(b) Wholesale

(c) voluminous

(d) extensive

(e) haphazard

Q4. (1) The US President Donald Trump’s new centrist party is ______________ poised for a landslide victory in the legislatorial elections.

(2) The opinion of assembly on two other questions during the session was, ______________, influenced by events in France.

(a) evidently

(b) seemingly

(c) ostensibly

(d) apparently

(e) All of the above

Q5. (1) Assembly takes pride in asserting the supremacy of the institution, at times even ignoring what it perceives as judicial _______________ in its functioning.

(2) It would have been enough to have cured the whole Roxburgh Bludgeon of _______________ with libraries and books forever and ever.

(a) concern

(b) examining

(c) tracing

(d) meddling

(e) quest

Fill in the Blanks SBI PO ENGLISH

Summertime is one of the hardest periods of the year for anyone finishing (6) from school. This means we are talking about almost one million undergraduates who gave their class XII exam.

With an installation(7) ratio of around 26.5%, we are observing at almost 60 lakh students swiftly(8) trying to obtain decent marks in their board exam or sitting for JEE  and medical entrance examinations for various higher education institutions(9). If their marks are not good, their vocations will be found(10) to be dead.

Fifty lakh undergraduates! This is a/an frightening (11) figure for the Darwinian fight they know they will be getting into. Why? Because the advanced education system in India is a binary phenomenon (12).

You either have intelligently (13) best universities, a handful of them, or a vast majority of exceptional (14) ones which have lost their ability to even signal the quality of their students — one of the most basic purposes for an informative institution to exist. The trajectory to professional success then crucially rest(15) on your ability to secure a seat in one of the good colleges.

Q6. (a) finishing SBI PO ENGLISH

(b) certifying

(c) graduating

(d) passing

(e) No correction required

Q7. (a) record SBI PO ENGLISH

(b) enrolment

(c) enlisting

(d) induction

(e) No correction required

Q8. (a) carelessly SBI PO ENGLISH

(b) gravely

(c) hysterically

(d) desperately

(e) No correction required

Q9. (a) establishment SBI PO ENGLISH

(b) association

(c) corporation

(d) formulation

(e) No correction required

Q10. (a) sensed SBI PO ENGLISH

(b) perceived

(c) sighted

(d) marked

(e) No correction required

Q11. (a) astounding SBI PO ENGLISH

(b) horrible

(c) shocking

(d) terrible

(e) No correction required

Q12. (a) reflection SBI PO ENGLISH

(b) dream

(c) creation

(d) experience

(e) No correction required

Q13. (a) capable SBI PO ENGLISH

(b) keenly

(c) prudently

(d) thoughtfully

(e) No correction required

Q14. (a) unusual SBI PO ENGLISH

(b) rotten

(c) mediocre

(d) rugged

(e) No correction required

Q15. (a) link SBI PO ENGLISH

(b) support

(c) derive

(d) hinges

(e) No correction required

sbi po english

S1. Ans.(a)

S2. Ans.(e)

S3. Ans.(b)

S4. Ans.(e)

S5. Ans .(d)

S6. Ans.(c)

S7. Ans.(b)

S8. Ans.(d)

S9. Ans.(e)

S10. Ans.(b)

S11. Ans.(a)

S12. Ans.(e)

S13. Ans.(e)

S14. Ans.(c)

S15. Ans.(d)