Directions (1 to 5): In the Questions given below, there are two statements; each statement consists of a blank. You have to choose the option which provides the right set of words that fits in the blanks in both the statements appropriately making them meaningful and grammatically correct.

1.It is an/a __________ venture to serve one’s country in the armed forces. His literary and scientific reputation speedily brought him_________recognition. ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) Honourable (B) Persistence

(C) Boring (D) Jocular

(E) None of these

2. A _________ of his stature should not shy away from social criticism. He is one of the greatest ________ India has ever produced.

(A) Vacuum (B) Novelist

(C) Processing (D) Keys

(E) None of these

3. The first time someone __________ candy for me was when I was six years old. I _________ a new mobile phone.ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) Bring (B) Forth

(C) Suffer (D) Bought

(E) None of these

4.I.I do not come from a _________ family. We are greatly __________ that we have the Union minister among us today.

(A) Generic (B) Books

(C) Possibility (D) Privileged

(E) None of these

5. I __________my seer into an eternity called oblivion. The men ran in but the leopard __________ them into the house.ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) Followed (B) Pretension

(C) Magnanimous (D) Sought

(E) None of these


Instructions (6 to 10): In each of the questions below, a sentence is given with a part missing. From the given options, choose the combination of idioms/ phrases that fit in the sentence grammatically and contextually

6. As a young man, Frederick the Great was not __________ with his father, Fredrick William.ibps clerk mains reasoning

(a) on good terms

(b) in accordance with

(c) in tune


(A) Only b

 (B) Only a and b

(C) Only a and c

(D) Only b and c

(E) All a, b and c


7. The second cause for this turmoil is over the past five or six years, Saleh has been _____ his son to become the next president of Yemen.ibps clerk mains reasoning

(a) seeking to relocate

(b) trying to position

(c) keen on


(A) Only A

(B) Only C

(C) Only B

(D) Only A and C

(E) None of the above


8. Instead of __________, we should confront him about his poor performance and inquire about the reasons.ibps clerk mains reasoning

(a) beating around the bush

(b) giving him the run- around

(c) being on the run


(A) Only c

(B) Only a and b

(c) Only a and c

(D) Only b and c

(E) All a, b and c


9. Ever since his father lost his job at the factory, they have had to __________ in order to pay for the child’s education.

(a) stretch a dollar

(b) cut corners

(c) tighten their belts

(A) Only b

(B) Only a and b

(C) Only a and c

(D) Only b and c

(E) All a, b and c

10. He ________ into building a company that would provide access to education to rural people.ibps clerk mains reasoning
(a) poured his heart
(b) put on a brave face
(c) put his soul

(A) Only c
(B) a and b
(C) b and c
(D) a and c
(E) All the three


sbi po english

  1. Answer: (A) Honourablesubject verb agreement


Honourable- Bringing or deserving honour

Persistence-the continued or prolonged existence of something

Jocular- humorous or playful

  1. Answer: (B) Novelistsubject verb agreement


Vacuum- a space entirely devoid of matter

Novelist- writer of novels

  1. Answer: (D) Boughtsubject verb agreement
  2. Answer: (D) Privileged


Privileged – having special rights, advantages, or immunities.

  1. Answers: (A) Followedsubject verb agreement
  2. Answer: (C) Only a and c
  3. Answer: (C) Only B
  4. Answer: (B) Only a and b
  5. Answer: (E) All a, b and c
  6. Answer: (D) a and c