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Direction: (Q. No. 1- 100): The sentence given below, has four parts, indicated by (a), (b), (c) and (d). Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error. If a sentence has no error, indicate the part (e), which stands for ‘No error’. (Ignore the error of punctuation if any. SBI PO ENGLISH ERROR DETECTION

1.There were a great many query (a) / which were (b) / left unrequited (c) / at the end of the investigation (d) / No error (e).

2.a) Farming is the backbone of the/b) Indian family but the sad part/c) was that it is still in a basic stage,/d) which eventually affects the overall budget/e) No error. SBI PO ENGLISH ERROR DETECTION

3.a) The planned VNO scheme, /b)primarily targets to study atmospheric neutrinos/c) in a 1500 m deep grotto in/d) the Bodi East Hills in Chennai /e) No error.

4.You cannot (a)/ dominant Chemistry(b)/ without learning the (c)/ principle that govern it. (d) / No Error (e).

5.a) The rail coach has been / b) moved near the station/c) and would be established/ d) as a unique restaurant/ e) No error. SBI PO ENGLISH ERROR DETECTION

6.A shoal (a) / of Hyenas (b) / attacked (c) / the travellers. (d)/ No error (e)

7.(a) The Administration can not/ (b) be able to contain/ (c) Encephalitis by spending just 3% of GDP on Fitness sector. /(d) No error. SBI PO ENGLISH ERROR DETECTION

8.a) Heavyweight Hails in many / b)parts of apple growing/ c) parts also resulted in/ d) huge losses to growers/ e) No error.

9.Just to the South of India (a) / is the Himalayas (b) / that were once unassailable (c) / No error (d)

10.The price of (a)/ manufacture in the (b)/ engineering sector (c)/ has gone up. (d)/ No Error (e).

11.(a) The killer was sentenced/ (b) and ordered to/ (c) be hung. /(d) No error.

12.a) The Trinamool Congress administration / b) is all set to issue a command changing the/ c) very nature /d) of undergraduates. e) No error. SBI PO ENGLISH ERROR DETECTION

13.Myself and Naveen (a) / will take care of (b) / the gathering on Thursday. (c) / No error (d)

14.(a)The firm has appointed / (b) counsellors to help them / (c) upsurge its revenue / (d) no error.

15.Ladies after ladies (a) / spoke against (b) / the practice (c) / of settlement. (d) / No Error (e)

16. I tried to tell him a number of times (a) that it was only me at the door but he (b) kept on uproar and mistrusting (c) it to be one of the men of the shillelagh. (d) No error (e) SBI PO ENGLISH ERROR DETECTION

17.a) The IT and Novelty Fund/ b) promote Indian- American cooperation/ c) in the area of IT Technologies/ d) and invention/ e) No error.

18.(a) I, you and she / (b) were suspects / (c) of committing burglary in broad daylight / (d) no error.

19. (a) He is not one of those / (b) who will support every Jack, Dick, and Harry / (c) whom he meets / (d) no error.

20.a) There are militaries, / b) in our neighboring nations,/ c)which are trying to misguide and/ d) mislead the youth of Assam/ e) No error

sbi po english

Ans.1. (a)

Ans.2. (c) 
Ans.3. (e) 
Ans.4. (d) 
Ans.5. (a) 
Ans.6. (a)
Ans.7. (b) 
Ans.8. (a)
Ans.9. (b) 
Ans.10. (a)
Ans.11. (c)
Ans.12. (e) 
Ans.13. (a)
Ans.14. (b) 
Ans.15. (a)
Ans.16. (b)
Ans.17. (b)
Ans.18. (a)
Ans.19. (c)
Ans.20. (a)