sbi po english


Fill in the blanks correctly.

1) If the establishment offers me the job, I think I ________it.

(a) will take (b) would take (c) would have taken (d) would have took

2) I’m sure she will lend you some food . I would be very surprised if she ____________.

(a) refused (b) refuse (c) will refuse (d) refuses

3) They would be disappointed if we _________

(a) did not went (b) did not go (c) does not go (d) would not has gone.

4) Would your father be angry if I __________________ his Motorcycle without asking?

(a) taken (b) took (c) had taken (d) would have taken

5) My mom has given me this gift and she ____________________terribly upset if I lost it.

(a) will be (b) shall be (c) would be (d) would have been

6) If someone ____________________ in here with a gun, I’d be very frightened.

(a) walk (b) walks (c) would walk (d) walked

7) What would happen if you _______________________ to work tomorrow?

(a) do not go (b) did not go (c) will not go (d) would not go

8) I’m sure she _________________ if you explain the situation to her.

(a)will have understood (b)would have understood (c)will understand (d)shall have understood

9) The police ____________________ him if they had any clue about him.

(a) will have arrested (b) would have arrested (c) will arrest (d) shall have arrested

10) What will happen if my parachute ____________________ ?

(a) does not open (b) do not open (c) will not open (d) had not opened

11) I will be angry if he ____________________ more mistakes.

(a) makes (b) make (c) made (d) would have made

12) If I ___________ you ten rupees, when will you give it back to me?

(a) gave (b) give (c) gives (d) had given

13) If you do not like this one, I ______________________ you another one.

(a) will bring (b) would bring (c) brings (d) shall bring

14) If we ____________________ our crops would have been sown on time.

(a) had proper rains (b) have proper rains (c) had rained (d) had rain

15) If you paint the walls white the room __________________ much brighter.

(a) will be (b) would have been (c) could have been (d) is to be

16) I ____________________ the roof myself if I had a ladder.

(a) can repair (b) could repair (c) could have repaired (d) had repaired

17) What ____________________ if you had heard the fire alarm?

(a) would you have done (b) Can you do (c) will you do (d) you would have done

18) If anyone attacks me, my dog ____________________ at him.

(a) will jump (b) jumped (c) is to jump (d) can jump

19) If everybody gives me 100 rupees we ____________ enough.

(a) will have (b) would have (c) have (d) had

20) If you _____________ Pinnacle at the right time we would have worked had to make you clear.

(a) have joined (b) had joined (c) will join (d) would have joined


Spot the error in the sentence

1 (a) If we leave the mattress in the/ (b) sun for some time/ (c) all the dampness would vanish / (d) No error

2 (a) If you are looking for a course worth your money (b) you will / (c) join Passtrick online series/ (d) No error

3 (a) Many people would be/ (b) out of work if that /(c) factory close down. / (d) No error

4 (a)If she sold her car, / (b) she will not get/ (c) much money for it. / (d) No error

5 (a) If they don’t arrive/ (c) soon we’ll leave / (b) without them. /(d) No error

6 (a) Alan is going/ (b) to post me / (c) the recipe, if he found it. /(d) No error

7 (a) If he’s staying/ (b) at the party, /(c) I’m leaving. /(d) No error

8 (a) If he comes to me/ (b) I would have given/ (c) him the required money./ (d) No error

9 (a) Had he spoken to me/ (b) I will have forgiven/ (c) him from the bottom of my heart./ (d) No error

10 (a) I would lose/ (b) my job if I were / (c) late for work. /(d) No error

11 (a) If they are late / (b) I’m going/ (c) to be angry. /(d) No error

12 (a) If he fell asleep/ (b) while driving, / (c) he will hit his car somewhere/(d) No error

13 (a) I lost my job / (b) because I were/ (c)late for work. /(d) No error

14 (a) We couldn’t go/ (b) to the concert, because we didn’t /(c) have enough money. /(d) No error

15 (a) If we have enough/ (b) money, we would / c) go to the concert. /(d) No error

16 (a) If he had invited me / (b) I would have gone/ (c) personally./ (d) No error

17 (a) If he will work hard/ (b) he will surely/(c) top the exam at all India level./ (d) No error

18 (a) If I had time / (b) I would drop you/ (c) at school. /(d) No error

19 (a) If I had wings/ (b) I would / (c) fly. /(d) No error

20 (a) Unless I do not/ (b) see him with my own eyes,/ (c) I will not believe him to be alive./ (d) No error


1 A       11 A
2 D       12 B
3 B         13 A
4 B        14 A
5 C        15 A
6 D        16 C
7 A        17 A
8 C       18 A
9 B       19 A
10 A     20 B

1. Answer C Replace would by will
2. Answer B It’s a suggestion so use should in place of will.
3. Answer C Replace close by closes factory is singular so s/es will be used with the verb.
4. Answer B With simple past would is used. Replace will not by would not
5. Answer d No error
6. Answer C Replace found by find. With if clause simple present is used.
7. Answer A Replace he’s staying by he stays

8.Answer A Use ‘had come’ in place of comes.
9. Answer B Replace will by would.
10. Answer D Its an imaginary sentence in imaginary sentences were is used.
11. Answer D No error
12. Answer A Replace fell by falls. Simple present should be used with if clause.
13. Answer B It is not a conditional sentence. It is an assertive sentence simply stating a past fact so with I singular verb was is used. Replace were by was.
14. Answer D Its an assertive sentence and not a conditional sentence.

15. Answer A Replace have by had
16. Answer D No error.
17. Answer A Remove will from part a as simple present is used with if clause. So use works.
18. Answer D No error
19. Answer D No error
20. Answer A With unless not is not used. So eliminate do not.