canara bank po reasoning questions 6


Directions (1 to 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Eight girls – Anita, Babita, Charu, Divya, Elli, Fida, Gagan and Heena live in ten different floors of a building (but not essentially within the same order). Two of the floors in the building is vacant. The lowermost floor of the building is numbered one, the one above that is numbered two, then on until the top floor is numbered ten.

Each one of them likes to go 8 different places, namely Ooty, Kodaikanal, Shimla, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru in 8 different months, namely January, February, March, May, June, September, November and December.(but not necessarily in the same order). There is just one floor between the one who goes to tour in January and also the one who goes to tour on the month that has quite 30 days. Anita goes to tour on neither June nor November.

The number of people living below Fida is same as the number of people living between Fida and Heena. Fida lives an odd numbered floor above the floor numbered four.
The top most floor is vacant. Only one person lives between Babita and the one who likes Mumbai. Only three floors between Divya and the one who likes Chennai. The number of floors between the one who likes Hyderabad and the one who likes Mumbai is two.

The one who likes New Delhi lives immediately above Gagan. Only three floors between Gagan and Anita. The one who likes BENGALURU lives immediately above the one who likes Ooty. Charu lives one of the odd numbered floors above the one who likes Chennai. The number of floors between Fida and the one who likes KODAIKANAL is only one. Only one person lives between the one who likes BENGALURU and the vacant floor. Only two people live between Charu and vacant floor. Babita and Charu go to tour  within the months that have quite thirty days and also the name of each months started with M while Gagan and Fida go to tour in the months which have less than 31 days.

The number of floors between two vacant floors is five. The one who likes BENGALURU and KODAIKANAL not live in the floors numbered 8 and 7 respectively. The one who likes Mumbai lives immediately below the floor in which Charu lives. The person who goes to tour in the month which has less than 30 days stays immediately below the vacant floor. There are three persons live between the person who goes to tour within the month that has but 30 days and also the one who goes to tour in November. There are five floors between the person one World Health Organization goes to tour within the month of March and also the one who goes to tour within the month of December.

1. Which of the following Statements is true with respect to the given information?
(A) Gagan lives immediately above the one who
likes Chennai
(B) Elli lives immediately above Charu

(C) solely 3 individuals live between F and therefore the one who likes Bengaluru.

(D) Divya likes Mumbai.
(E) All the given statements are true

2. Who amongst the following lives exactly between the two vacant floors?
(A) Babita (B) Gagan
(C) Fida (D) Anita
(E) Charu
3. Which of the following person goes tour in February?
(A) Divya (B) Elli
(C) Fida (D) Heena
(E) None

4. Four of the subsequent 5 area unit alike in a very certain way and so form a group. Which one of the following does not belong to the group?

(A) Gagan – SIMLA
(B) Charu – Chennai
(C) Fida – Mumbai
(D) Elli – Ooty

5. How many people live between Charu and Elli?
(A) Four (B) Three
(C) None (D) Five
(E) Two
Directions (16 to 20): Study the following information and answer the questions given below:
Seven Persons – P, Q, R, S, T, U, and X – live on separate floors of a seven storied building, but not in the same order. The ground floor of the building is numbered one, the floor above it 2 and so on till the upmost floor is numbered seven.
 Each person buys different Grocery Items – Urad Dal, Sugar, Besan, Moong Dal, Salt, Wheat and Rice, however not essentially within the same order.

Each person has 7 different weights of Grocery Items starting from 1kg to 10 kg. The one that buys Moong decaliter lives on floor  numbered four. P does not live on the lowermost floor. P lives on any odd numbered

floor below the one World Health Organization buys Moong decaliter. The weight of Moong decaliter is over two kilo.
The total weight of Salt and Wheat is 10 kg. Only two persons live between P and therefore the one that buys Rice. Only one person lives between Q and U. The total weight of Urad Dal is square of the total weight of Salt whereas the entire weight of Rice is sq. of the entire weight of Moong decaliter. U lives on a good numbered floor and doesn’t buy Moong Dal.
Only three persons live between the persons who buy Urad Dal and Besan respectively. The person who buys Urad Dal live on any floor above the Q’s floor. The person who buys Urad Dal does not live on the topmost floor. X lives on an even numbered floor but neither immediately above nor immediately below the floor of P. R does not buy Urad Dal or Besan. Only two persons live between S and the one who buys Moong Dal. 
The one that buys Salt lives on the ground immediately above the floor of the person who buys Wheat. The difference between the weight of the Besan and Wheat is 2 kg. The floor number and therefore the weight of Grocery Item is same for the person R.
6. How many kg of Grocery Item is bought by S?
(A) 2 kg (B) 8 kg
(C) 6 kg (D) 4 kg
(E) None of these
7. Which of the following statements is/are true according to the given information?
(A) T lives on floor numbered 5 and he does not buy Moong Dal
(B) P buys Salt and he does not live on floor numbered 4
(C) R buys Sugar and he does not have 6 kg.

(D) solely 2 persons live between the floors of T and U.

(E) All the statements are true.

8. Who among the following lives on the floor immediately above the floor of P?
(A) Q (B) U
(C) X (D) R
(E) None of these
9. Who among the following lives exactly between the floors on that letter of the alphabet and U live?
(A) U (B) P
(C) S (D) R
(E) None of these
10. Who among the following buy Rice?
(A) P (B) Q
(C) U (D) T
(E) X
 1-5 Answers
canara bank po reasoning
1. (A)     2. (E)    3. (D)    4. (C)    5. (E)
canara bank po reasoning 2
6. (C)    7. (E)     8. (A)     9. (B)     10. (E)