Instructions (1 to 5): Study the following info judiciously and answer the questions given underneath,

There are five units i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The Individual unit has a different height. Also each unit contains books and boxes. Unit 2 is above unit 1 and unit 3 is overhead unit 2 and so on. Every single unit is belong to dissimilar nation i.e. Beijing, Paris, London, Sydney and Zurich. The entire height of all five units is equal to 252”ft.

*Entire Height of Unit is equal to the whole height of books plus total height of boxes in individual unit

*Height of books is not equivalent to the height of boxes. Without specified so.

Books belong to London is an even unit. The full height of unit 1 is 75”ft. Sydney is not unit 1. The total height of unit, which belong to Sydney is 55”ft. There is only single gap between London and Paris. The height of books and height of boxes in unit 3 are equivalent. Height of book in unit 2 is does not less than 30”ft. The books are in unit 4 is four more than books, which is in unit 3. The entire height of London is not 37”ft.

The full height of unit, which contains 37”ft is not taking place, which is immediate overhead the unit, which contains 20”ft more than the unit, which belong to Sydney. Height of boxes in Unit 2 is 23”feet. Unit belong to Zurich does not contain the equal height of books and boxes. The whole height of unit 2 is odd number and height is more than 50”ft and less than 55”ft. Unit 1 contains 23”ft height of boxes more than unit 4 contains height of boxes and unit 5 contains 7”ft height of books less than unit 1 covers.

1.  What is the entire height in unit 3?ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) 37” ft

(B) None of these

(C) 32” ft

(D) 53” ft

(E) 75” ft

2. Unit 3 belong to which nation?

(A) Paris

(B) Zurich

(C) Sydney

(D) Beijing

(E) London

3. If ‘Sydney’ is related to 37” ft in the similar way as ‘Beijing’ is related to 53” ft. Which of the following is ‘Paris’ related to, following the same pattern?

ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) 53” ft

(B) 37” ft

(C) 75” ft

(D) None of these

(E) 32” ft

4. Four of the following five are similar in a certain way and hence they form a group. Which one of the following does not feel right to that group?

(A) Sydney

(B) 32” ft

(C) 75” ft

 (D) Paris

(E) Beijing

5. What is the height of the box in unit 4?

ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) 23’ ft

(B) 17” ft

(C) 27” ft

 (D) 40” ft

(E) 20” ft


Instructions: (6 to 10) Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below

Eight associates – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H went for a weekly shop. Each of them spent in the multiple of Rupees. 250/- i.e., Rs.250/-, Rs.500/___to Rs.2000/- not certainly in the same order. After shop, they went to a restaurant and all of them sat on a circular table facing the Centre.

One who spent Rs.1750/- is three places to the right of D.

The difference in the totals spent by H and E is maximum possible and they are sitting opposite to each other.

iii. G expends more than B.

There is exactly one person between C and the one spends Rs.250/- and C is not adjacent to the D.

Only one pair of persons who is sitting opposite to each other, the difference between their spending Rs.1000/-

A spends Rs 750/ and is adjacent to the person who spends slightest.

vii. One who spends Rs. 1250/- is three places to the left of E, who sits third places to the left of D.

viii. A sits sixth to the left of F and there are exactly two persons sitting between F and H.

The difference between the sum spent by D and the one to its immediate right is the same as the amount spent by D and the one to its immediate left.

6. What is the total spent by B?

ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) Rs.1500/

 (B) Rs.750/

(C) Rs.1000/

 (D) Rs.2000/

(E) None of these

7.  Who sits fourth to the right of A?

(A) G

(B) H

(C) F

(D) None of these


8. What is the position of F with respect to H?

ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) Immediate right

(B) Immediate left

(C) Fifth to the left

(D) Fifth to the right

(E) Second to the left

9. What is the sum of the sums spent by G and his neighbors?

(A) Rs.2000/-

(B) Rs.3250/-

(C) Rs.4500/-

(D) Rs.5000/-

(E) Rs.2500/

10. Who is the following are neighbors of the person who spent Rs.250/-?

ibps clerk mains reasoning

(A) A and D

(B) and H

(C) C and E

(D) E and B

(E) None of these


ibps clerk mains english 1


UNIT             Total Height(feet)                                     Country                              Height of books +Height of boxessubject verb agreement
5                        55                                                                      Sydney                                                                  28 + 27
4                        37                                                                        Paris                                                                     20 + 17
3                         32                                                                       Beijing                                                                 16 + 16
2                          53                                                                     London                                                                  30 + 23
1                         75                                                                      Zurich                                                                     35 + 40


Ans(6-10):subject verb agreement

ibps clerk mains reasoning 1