ibps clerk mains english 2


Instructions: In each of the subsequent questions a passage is given in which there is a blank. Select the most logical and suitable option from the five options given that can be filled in the blank.

1. Over the past month, Cox‘s Bazar, in the south-east of Bangladesh, smoke can be seen rising into the grey sky through the country‘s border. Villages, home to the Rohingya community, in the restless state of Rakhine in western Myanmar, _______________. Nurul Islam, a 30-year-old farmer, had run away to Bangladesh by boat. ibps clerk mains reasoning

A) are not signatory to the consensus on refugees.

B) were being made not merely to forcibly relocate the Rohingya.

C) are being cruel, horrifically burnt down.

D) are at the centre of a humanitarian disaster.

E) None of these

2. The recent catastrophes involving the death of two students in Gurugram have evoked the usual responses — marches in protest, the institution of a ―probe‖, the suspension of the principal, a flurry of arguments in the media and so on. But the fact is that these catastrophes ___________that has gone horribly wrong.

A) that none of the buildings had any fire outflows

B) are only the symptoms of an entire learning system

C) are set up by a property dealers

D) have advised that the promoter of the school was a very good friend of his

E) None of these

3. India‘s goods and services tax system is nearing the end of its first full quarter since roll-out this July._____________, with just 70% of suitable taxpayers bringing in Rs. 95,000 crore. At this rate, the total tally could well surge close to Rs. 1.2 lakh crore. This would be knowingly higher than the Rs. 91,000 crore indirect tax aim for the Centre and the States on a  general basis.

A) GST Council has already changed the publicized tax rates on over 100 products

B) The government has chosen for a July 1 launch for GST

C) Revenue gatherings from the first month appear robust

D) The group must act not only expeditiously

E) None of these

4. Numerous studies suggest that tigers do well in the remote and thick forest. But tigers also need new forest to colonies,___________. Natural history has viewed the tiger to be the essence of the wild‘ animal — doing well in areas with less human commotion, taking down large prey, keeping space from people, and being fiercely provincial of space.

A) Dispersing from their natal areas as they reach adulthood

B) Habitat is a bad word in the lexicon of preparation and development

C) Hard disregard for conservation outside protected areas

D) Can suffer from genetic depression

E) None of these

5. Ranthambore in Rajasthan is debatably India‘s most well-known tiger reserve,______________. It has a violent conservation ethic, a success story with few parallels. It is projected that there are above 60 tigers in this comparatively small tiger reserve.

A) Connectivity between them is getting cut off

B) Aglow with bold tigers posing for the camera

C) Had inputs from a research laboratory at the Wildlife Institute of India

D) Securing healthy tiger figures are not enough for tiger health

E) None of these

6. The main reason for the crash in international oil rates not being passed on to consumers has, of course, been the Centre concurrently hiking the specific excise duty on both petrol (Rs 9.48 – Rs 21.48/litre) diesel (Rs 3.56-Rs 17.33/lt). By doing this,__________.

A) it has basically pocketed much of the gains from benign global prices.

B) It has switched to a regime of dynamic daily fuel price revision.

C) Has to derive the benefits of low prices.

D) It could do two things to partly assuage consumer feelings.

E) None of these

7. A symbol of post-war Japanese industrial transformation, the Shinkansen has a well-earned reputation for reliability. Since it was hurled in 1964, the train has not had a single accident and_________. The carbon footprint of a passenger roaming by an HSR train is about the fifth of an air traveller.ibps clerk mains reasoning

A) Has been dogged by a surplus of problems

B) Could generate a new class of passengers as well

C) Its average delay is less than a minute

D) should not lose sight of the other glitches

E) None of these

8. A longstanding proposition in economics, under the label of ―industrial rule‖, emphasizes the importance of the government choosing special sectors to focus on and incentivize. The expectation is that__________________ .Industrial policy has had its share of demurrers, arguing that the state should not get into picking winners and losers.

A)  other sectors where the prospect is big is a global hub for developer education

B) The English could not take away their language

C) This will create sufficient spillovers to drive up overall growth.

D) India took major steps in fostering higher education and scientific temperament

E) None of these

9 . An industry study of 2016 examined the extent to which public asset, intellectual property rights and drug pricing policies in 56 countries actively donate to or detract from innovation in global life-sciences. Not surprisingly, India ranked among the lowest (in the bottom five)_______________, lack of data protection for biologics, low investment in R&D and price regulations, all of which donate to condensed revenue and therefore compact future outlay in biopharmaceuticals.

A) due to New medicines, devices, diagnostics, patient aids and checking tools

B) due to weak intellectual property shield

C) due to use of determining rankings

D) due to rising incomes and better health infrastructure

E) None of these



11. The tutor must __________. The exceptional style of a learner in order to __________ it to the desired information.

(a)advocate, directibps clerk mains reasoning

(b)perpetuate, develop

(c) appreciate, focus

(d) absorb, maintain

(e)discover, harness


12. Not all nations benefit __________ from liberalization. The benefits tend to __________ first to the privileged and to those with the right education to be able to benefit from the opportunities presented.

(a)equally, generate

(b)richly, downgrade

(c)suitably, ascribe

(d) uniformly, percolate

(e) Judiciously facilitate


13. He has __________ sense of words. Therefore, the sentence he builds is always __________ with rich meaning.

(a)profound, pregnant

(b)distinguished, loaded

(c)terrific, tempted

(d)meaningful, full

(e)outstanding, consistent


14He was a __________ instrumentalist, had been awarded George Medal during the second world war and __________ with the title of Rai Bahadur.

(a)outstanding, popularise

(b)underestimated, declared

(c)accomplished, honoured

(d)impressive, assigned

(e)obdurate, proclaimed


15. Whether it be deep or not, commitment is the __________ the __________ base of any loving relationship.

(a) expression, perfunctory

(b) foundation, genuinely

(c)manifestation, deep

(d)key, alarmingly

(e)basis, absorbing


16. Many people take holiness very seriously and __________ about those who don’t worrying about them and __________ them to trust.

(a)think, criticising

(b)pride, appraising

(c)rationalise, enabling

(d)wonder, prodding

(e)ponder, venturing


17.Unless new reserves are found soon the world’s hoard of coal is being __________ in such a way that with demand ongoing to grow at present rates, reserves will be __________ by the year 2050.

(a) consumed, completed

(b) depleted, exhausted

(c) reduced, argument

(d)burnt, destroyed

(e)utilized, perished


18.If you are a __________ you tend to answer to stressful situations, in a calm, secure, steady and __________ way.

(a)resilient, rational

(b)obdurate, manageable

(c)propitious, stable

(d)delectable, . flexible

(e) supportive, positive


19. Administration can be defined as the process of __________ organizational goals by working with and through human and nonhuman resources to __________ improve value added to the world.

(a) getting, deliberately

(b)managing,. purposefully

(c)targeting,. critically

(d)realizing, dialectically

(e)reaching, continuously


20. If you are an shy, you __________ to prefer working alone and, if possible, will __________. Towards schemes where you can labour by yourself or with a few persons as possible.

(a) like, depart

(b) advocate, move

(c)tend, gravitate

(d) express, attract

(e) feel, follow

ibps clerk mains english 1

1. Option C Explanation: b- Villages cannot be expatriate; d- is not apt.subject verb agreement

2. Option B

3. Option C Explanation: ―JUST 70% taxpayers taken 95‘000 crore= this statement shows that the profit must be on expectations. hence C is correct.

4. Option A

5.Option B Explanation: A previous statement doesn‘t tell us what ―them‖ is referring to  D- nothing is told about tiger health. Hence B is correct.

6.Option A Explanation: As govt. was in loss due to overcame subsidizes. So it needs to pocket enough money to bear the losses. Hence, A is correct.

7.Option C Explanation: The para is talking about the status. So, option C is apt.subject verb agreement

8.Option C Explanation: Nothing is spoken about higher education, The English. And incentives of govt. obviously relates with the growth. Option C is correct.

9. Option B Explanation: b- Intellectual property; parallel structures.

10.Option A




14.Csubject verb agreement





19.Esubject verb agreement