english questions for bank exams


Q1. 1. A Shimla village chief became very friendly with another man of his village. english questions for bank exams
P. After a while he found his friend to be so greedy that he decided to send him away.
Q. He had told him too much of his private affairs.
R. He did not wish to make the fellow his enemy.
S. This was easier said than done, for they had been close friends.
6. At last, he thought of a plan.
(a) SPQR (b) PSRQ (c) QRSP (d) RSPQ

Q2. 1. The world is full of people appallingly full and they are tumbling over each other. english questions for bank exams
P. There are two solutions to overcome these dislikes.
Q. One is the Kazi solution if you don’t like to kill them, banish them.
R. One doesn’t like the color of their skin, or the shape of their nose or the way they walk and talk.
S. Most of the people one doesn’t know and some of them one doesn’t like.
6. The other way is much less thrilling, the way of the democracies and is much more preferable.
(a)PSQR (b) PRSQ (c) QPRS (d) SRPQ

Q3. 1. My principle was put to the test many a time in South Africa.
P. In my heart of hearts I always wished that I could win only if my client’s case was right.
Q. But 1 always resisted the temptation.
R. I remember only one occasion when, after having won a case, I suspected that my client had deceived me.
S. Often I knew that my opponents had tutored their witness, and if I only encouraged my clients or his witnesses to lie, we would win the case.
6. In fixing my fees I do not recall ever having made them conditional on my winning the case.
(a)SQRP (b) PQRS (c) SRPQ (d) RPQS english questions for bank exams

Q4. 1. The decision to purchase a property involves various factors.
P. There can be other factors only a seller may know and is required to disclose..
Q. This includes checking the documents for title verification, scrutinizing the original title deeds etc.
R. While purchasing a property a screening procedure is followed.
S. These include matters such as agreements entered into by the seller with third parties, power of attorney is granted by the seller and any ending Litigation on the property.
6. Nowadays it is very difficult to verify whether the property is subject to litigation or otherwise.
(a) PQSR (b) QRSP (c) RQPS (d) SPQR

Q5. 1. The coming of computer sparked the need for remotely operated controls.
P. It is Silicon Chip that is at the; heart of the remote control,
Q. This produces an infra-red beam, which is made up of electromagnetic waves.
R. When you press the button on, the remote control, the chipsets off an electronic vibrator,
S. The beam carries a coded signal such as a switch on, raise volume etc.
6. The code is based on binary digits. english questions for bank exams
(a) PQRS (b) RPQS (c) PRQS (d) PQSR

Q6. 1. The neck has a long spinal column protecting the spinal cord and nerves.
P. In rare cases it can occur due to cancer as well.
Q Neck pain can occur due to injuries, degeneration of spinal disc disorders and posture arthritis.
R. It is caused by different factor but most of them are no serious,
S. It is prone to a lot of injuries because of its precarious position
6. Neck pain is considered one of the most common workplace diseases.
(a) PQSR (b) SQRP (c) QRPS (d) SPQR

Q7. 1. Before presenting a paper it is advisable to choose a subject of your interest.
P. When presenting your paper speak distinctly and pleasantly.
Q. Next, ‘read up’ about it, before you write the paper.
R. Then prior to writing make a clear plan to ensure orderly presentation.
S. While reading, you should make notes.
6. In this way, the interest of the listeners is enhanced and you are appreciated.
(a)RSQP (b) PQRS (c) QSRP (d) SQRP

Q8. 1. The environment is the place where all forms of life exist, live and prosper.
P. Thus, there is a network of life forms with a close association among themselves and with the non-living matter,
Q. Any life form can exist on earth only if the integrity of all the components are maintained.
R, Human life is closely linked with all the other forms in the environment and also with the inanimate objects like air, water, and land.
S. If any one component of this network, is disturbed, it will have a profound adverse effect on all other components.6. Protecting Environment is an important item of life.
(a) QRSP (b) RPSQ (c) PQSR (d) SPQR

Q9. 1. You would have heard about it by now. Yes, Pluto is no longer considered a planet.
P. For instance, Pluto is the only known heavenly body that rotates in synchrony with the orbit of its satellite.
Q. It is to be called a “dwarf planet” henceforth.sbi po english
R. So, unlike the earth and our moon, Pluto and Charon continuously face each other.
S. Even in the past, Pluto’s status had remained shaky and was always considered a peculiar planet.
6. Discovered in 1930, and named after the Roman god of the underworld, Pluto has an icy surface composed of nitrogen and methane and weighs just a fifth of the weight of our moon.
(a) QPRS (b) SQPR (c) QSPR (d) RQSP

Q10. 1. One cold night, just as I was about to jump into bed, I heard guns firing.
P. The whole city seemed to be lit by heavenly light.
Q. On looking out, I saw the flashes of the fast travelling bullets.
R. I stood motionless as shells whistled past.
S. I ran to tire nearest window, sbi po english
6, It was almost like fireworks except that the flashes were not for celebration, but for destruction.
(a) RPSQ (b) PRSQ (c) QRSP (d) SQPR