Sbi po english


Directions: In the questions given below some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and blacken the oval corresponding to the appropriate letter a, b, c. If the sentence is free from error to blacken the oval corresponding to d in the answer sheet.

1. (a) The most hardworking / (b) student in my class / (c) never sleeps much./ (d) No error

2. (a) Peanut butter and jelly/ (b) is my favorite sandwich which /(c) my mother serves on every Sunday for breakfast. / (d) No error

3. (a) There are /(b) extra butter /(c) in the refrigerator. / (d) No error

4. (a) My mother, along with/(b)the other representatives, /(c) are going to the convention. /(d) No error

5. (a) All the leaves of the tree / (b) was falling /(c) on the ground during spring./(d) No error

6. (a) It is clear that /(b) the elite class have no soft corner for the poor who are the /(c) real victims of the present economy./ (d) No error

7. (a) This Tuesday, / (b) John, as well as his friends, /(c) is driving to the rock concert./(d) No error

8. (a) Runners on the team/ (b) is being tested/ (c) for performance enhancing drugs./(d) No error

9. (a) Dad and mom yells at me/ (b) when I play my music/ (c) too loud while driving./(d) No error

10. (a) There are a box /(b) for you to/ (c) pack your things in. / (d) No error

11. (a) Finally, this exercise, /(b) after reading pages /(c) of material, are finished. / (d) No error

12. (a) Neither of them/ (b) are going to attend/(c) the party of 10th October./ (d) No error

13. (a) A variety of pleasant items in the shop /(b) attract/(c) everybody. /(d) No error.

14. (a) Sponsors of the Olympic Games who bought/(b) advertising time on United States television includes
/(c) at least a dozen international firms whose names are familiar to American consumers./(d) No error.

15. (a) In the early twentieth century, new thinking about / (b) symbolism and the unconscious were / (c) greatly inspired by the writings of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung./ (d) No error

16. (a) He walked five miles which are really a great distance/ (b) for a man like him who is /(c) not only
old but also ill./ (d) No error

17. (a) Either my colleague/ (b) or a peon are coming home/ (c) with the material today./ (d) No error

18. (a) Pine, like other softwoods that / (b) ignite quickly, are /(c) useful for kindling./ (d) No error.

19. (a) Among the many challenges facing the country/ (b) is unemployment/ (c)and corruption./ (d) No

20. (a) The rise and fall / (b) of the tide are due/ (c) to lunar influence./ (d) No error

21. (a) Rama as well as some of her friends /(b) are involved in a fight with a boy / (c) who is the eldest son
of an S. D.O. / (d) No error

22. (a) Many a man/ (b) have succumbed/ (c) to this temptation./ (d) No error

23. (a) The introduction of tea and coffee/ (b) and such other beverages/ (c) have not been without some
effect./ (d) No error

24. (a )The RBI’s decision to waive ATM charges/ (b)/ have put the banks/ (c) in a very difficult situation./(d) No error

25. (a) The new scheme which will be launched /(b) in the next two years/ (c) need an additional investment of hundred crores from the investors./ (d) No error

26. (a) Those developers who has not completed / (b) their projects on time will not be awarded / (c) new projects by the government./ (d) No error

27. (a) The newer type of automatic machines/ (b) wash/ (c) the clothes faster./ (d) No error

28. (a) Each of the students in the computer class/ (b) has to type/ (c) their own research paper this semester./ (d) No error

29. (a) More than one successful candidate/(b) have cleared the examination for one of the popular IT
company/(c) in South Delhi / (d) No error

30. (a) Is there any difficulties to leave the place /(b) built on such a spacious/(c) and beautiful campus/(d)
No error


1. d     11.c    21.b

2.d      12.b    22.b

3.a      13.b    23.c

4.c      14.b    24.b

5.c      15.b    25.c

6.b     16.a    26.a

7.d     17.b     27.b

8.b     18.b     28.c

9.a     19.b     29.b

10.a   20.b    30.a